Sigma Phi Epsilon

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College is a big stepping stone into life, and can sometimes leave you confused on which path to take. The world is a huge place, and it has lots of space for new and upcoming people. Making connections is one of the most important parts of college. Connections allow for bigger opportunities! Joining a fraternity is one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door of a career.

When you join a fraternity you have two major options while in your years at college. You can be very involved, or you can allow for others to get involved. Being involved around campus will make a huge impact on your portfolio when applying for a job. Joining a fraternity is not for every single person, but for some people, it is the smartest thing they have ever done. With all this being said, I urge you to get your name around. Getting your name around to fraternities will happen the week of rush.


What is Rush?


Rush is a 5 day event that takes you to each of the fraternity houses. Rush gets you acquainted with a lot of the members of each of the fraternities. You will spend two days just exploring the houses, and then you are on your own to choose which house you would like to go back to. Going back to the houses that you like is a very important key. It is important because it shows their members that you are very interested in what they have to offer. After a few days of going to the houses you like, comes bid day. Bid day is where you head to DSU to check which fraternities would like you to be in their brotherhood. But, not every fraternity will give you a bid. With this being said, you need to choose very wisely on where you sign! Like I stated before, I strongly urge you to rush. Sigma Phi Epsilon is the 2016 Reed Morgan winner and is looking forward to adding quality men that want to build a dynasty.